Maria Vittoria Cusumano Green Carpet


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A Gran soirée as closure for this wonderful Fashion week in Milan, which ended with the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2018, the second edition of the awards dedicated to ecologic fashion, organized by the Italian Camera Nazionale della Moda Eco-Age and which took place in the Scala Theatre. The coolest event of all. Let me just tell you that the square of the theatre was closed for cars even since the afternoon, in order to permit the installation of the biggest carpet in the world: a green expanse of 1700 square meters, embellished by images of hummingbirds. As soon as I got there I started hearing a magical chirping in the background. Then, the great event began, with a défilé of celebrities from the world of fashion, communication and cinema.

Maria Vittoria Cusumano Green Carpet
Maria Vittoria Cusumano at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2018 (Milan Fashion Week 2018)

The Green Carpet Awards are prizes that get assigned for the commitment to the cause of environmental protection. Many people by now consider this event the “Oscars of fashion”, due go its notoriety all over the world. Most celebs decided to wear dresses with a “green” soul: biological silk, embroideries in recycled metal, crystals created with perfectly ecological procedures. And, of course, many green dresses. Cindy Crawford, for example chose one incredible dress by Versace. Julianne Moore was stunning in a soft purple dress by Ferragamo. Cate Blanchett in white, by Armani, was so beautiful and elegant that photographers couldn’t stop taking pictures. I want to list some of the awards for the environment: Diego della Valle and Renzo Rosso were awarded by Emily Ratajkowski and Petra Nemcova for their investments in handmade production.

The notorious company Bonotto was awarded too, as an example of slow factory (founded in 1912: at the beginning they produced straw hats, now they make high quality fabrics). Cindy Crawford awarded Donatella Versace for her ecological choices, starting from her “fur free” collection and her decision to create green sale locations. The award for best emerging stylist went to Gilberto Calzolari. He created a dress entirely made of burlap sacks coming from Brazil and acquired at the Navigli market in Milan; lined with muslin made of natural cotton and embellished by a Japanese inspired flowery patterned needlework in Swarovski, just wonderful.

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