Wonder boy, the unpublished side of Olivier Rousteing

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A prodigy boy, so the film dedicated to the French designer Oliver Rousteing is used. On the other hand, the last few months have heard a lot about him, for the first Haute Couture collection of the Balmain brand of which he is a designer, the collection with Puma and Cara Delavingne and this one today for the film that comes out in theaters. An unprecedented feature film that does not dwell on his work as a designer but rather explores the personal and intimate story of the designer while he is looking for his biological parents. The film, co-installed by Studio Canal, was published in Paris on September 28th, exactly one day after the fashion show of the fashion house, today November 27th in cinemas. The trustee who has long been committed to supporting the rights of children who, like him, have been adopted, shows in this film the exact moment of reunion with his natural parents, wanting to be an encouragement for many people. The life of the stylite, born in 1985, was directed by Anissa Bonnefont and tells of Olivier’s adoption by a couple from Bordeaux, of entering the fashion world, without neglecting all the obstacles they had to face in order to succeed. , discovering his real parents. Known for his famous friends, for his extremely glamorous fashion and through social platforms like Instagram, with Wonder boy Olivier Rousteing he will become the deeper and less known side of himself.
I want to send a nice message,” the designer told WWD. “Knowing that there will be a documentary about my life, and I’m only 30, is incredible.

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