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Few stars can say they choose their outfits alone. Most of them rely on people from the fashion industry called stylists. And in Los Angeles, the primary stylist is Veneda Carter. Growing up in Copenhagen, Polish parents, and former teen model (often rejected at castings because she was not ‘thin enough’), she joined Kanye West’s exclusive creative circle thanks to a dm on Instagram. A small community frequented by talented talents such as Virgil Abloh, Lotta Volkova, Yeezy / Gap Mowalola Ogunlesi. Thanks to that special invitation, Veneda also attracted the attention of Kim Kardashian, West’s ex-wife.

For Kardashian, Carter is “the coolest girl in the world”. He is the person he turns to for anything that has to do with style. She is the one behind the Schiaparelli green dress outfit that Kardashian wore at Christmas 2020; But also the fantastic outfit played in shades of brown with Acne Studios down jacket.


Carter, 28, has worked as a stylist for Yeezy since 2016. But this was revealed to his loyal social media followers not so long ago. “I didn’t say anything about what I was doing for a long time, I didn’t want to screw it up. I was never good at school, and that was the first time I was appreciated for my ideas“. Working for Yeezy, he refined his gaze on the carefully studied oversized proportions that would become an integral part of his style.I just wanted to work. I was unstoppable. With Kanye, I was there always thinking, ‘Gee, you’re really a mentor to me.”


Today, the stylist works almost all the time with Kardashian, with whom she started collaborating in 2019.If Kim needs anything, I have to be there.” And today, they are linked by a special relationship, as between two sisters. Right now, Carter, who is four months pregnant with her first child, looks to Kardashian as an example. The star manages to reconcile motherhood with the demands of a hectic schedule. “She is a career woman who also has four children, so she knows how it works, she knows. Kim is a very devoted mother, she is a true model“.

But how did the success come? For Veneda Carter, it all began by downloading a new photo-sharing app. Her Instagram page was an open mood board divided between personal photos, travel, objects, and design. In a short time, he begins to get noticed. In 2016, Carter made one last attempt at modeling in New York, but it went wrong even that time. That evening, at the hotel, he checked the private messages on Instagram as usual. And here’s the success. ‘Hey hi, I’m from Kanye’s team, we’d love to meet you.’ The rest is an enviable success story. “I have never felt so appreciated in my life as when I walked into that room. I’ve always wanted people to recognize my creativity. And in the end it was one of the greatest artists in the world to see it”.

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