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It doesn’t matter if we are girls or boys, as soon as we see the shocking pink color we immediately associate it with the fantastic world of an Icon doll that made the history of the old generation and is still doing it with the new one. We are talking about the fantastic world of Barbie, which this year sees the closure of 60 candles, a doll that was born at the New York International Toy Fair on March 9th 1959, created by the American entrepreneur Ruth Handler. Evolving but never losing her heritage, this year the Lafayette Gallery in Paris decided to dedicate a pop-up store to her for the first time, recreating Barbie’s house on a scale of 1: 1 visible on December 31st.

The DreamHouse of Barbie in the gallery Lafayette

In addition to the pop-up store with exclusive items and limited editions, starting tomorrow, November 20th and up to December 31st, there will also be a Barbie store on the 6th floor which will display all the iconic products of the Christmas holidays. Cult doll of our childhood.
It does not age but rather adapts to the times: in this half century it changed the color of the skin (in 1980 the Black model Barbie appeared with black skin and curly hair) and the build (with different sizes and heights), he wore the Islamic chador and undertook about 200 professions. She went to the moon, was a UNICEF ambassador, a waitress at McDonalds, running for the US presidency in 1992. She wore wonderful clothes designed by Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Balmain, Givenchy, Versace, Dolce and Gabbana, Moschino by Jeremy Scott and Balenciaga, establishing themselves as a true fashion icon. In 1986 Andy Warhol paid homage to her with a portrait, instead, in honor of his 50th birthday, the Australian jeweler Stefano Canturo designed it in the most expensive version, studded with white and pink diamonds. In more modern times we have also seen it without hair as a symbol of the fight against cancer, up to the role of civil rights activist Rosa Parks and the first US astronaut Sally Ride.

Just follow her on her social profiles (Instagram @barbie) to discover the different adventures of this revolutionary, independent, self-confident girl who continues to inspire women of all ages. Because Barbie is always Barbie, and we love her in all her reinterpretations.

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