Everybody knows them, everybody loves them yet, but it’s still better to refresh which swimwear looks are going to feed up our instagram in the following months. Celebrities, big and small brands and influencers have already made us aware of the main beachwear trends that are going to reach the top  this summer. One of the most popular is the timeless “high-waist”. Even though this trend came up some years ago, it continues to be proposed and appreciated. In fact high waist bikinis  seem to be women’s and girls’ best allied: they could get us some problems with tan but they have the perks to fit well on different types of silhouettes, giving them a nostalgic allure and a very glamour attitude at the same time.

Big luxury brands such as Dior give us marvellous examples of this kind of high-waist swimsuit, not to mention all the fast fashion brands that can not help to follow this trend.

Next on our list is out of doubt the more daring and niche phenomenon of “underboob” which spread quickly on social media thanks to its undeniable sensual charge and then moved into the beachwear world. One of the “ambassadors” of this style is the model Emily Ratajkowski who made of it a distinctive feature of her personal swimwear collection. (Inamorata beachwear). For those who never heard about this trend before, swimsuits associated to underboob are charcterized by an upside-down neckline who shows the brest’s lower part. It is actually a bold statement that requires a grat sense of style in order to not appear gross.

Another summer trend consist in using swimsuits as real clothing. Body, Tshirts and tops are being brillantly replaced by the swimsuit, in order to get a fresh, coloured and functional look, both in the morning and in the evening. That’s why the bathsuit world is becoming more and more full of unusual shapes, embroidered details, volant and transparent fabrics, giving to beachwear an even more important role in the fashion industry.

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