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The two-hour interview (worth 6 million dollars) aired last night on American TV CBS ended in the worst possible way. It marked the definitive break between the Dukes of Sussex on the one hand and the British royal family on the other. The epilogue of a dull cold war, whose destabilizing consequences on the monarchy will be felt for a long time to come. “I could not remain silent while the firm (the royal family) continued to spread falsehoods,the Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey, the queen of US talk shows. The Duchess revealed that the interview was “liberating” for her.

She told herself with an open heart, without shadows or half shades. She of her mental suffering of hers, so much so that she had thoughts of suicide when she was pregnant; of the racism suffered, such as when an unidentified member of the royal family he expressed concern that his son Archie was “too dark (and for this reason they did not make him a prince); tensions with other members of the Windsor clan, for example, with Kate, who would have reduced her to tears on her wedding day; finally, the circumstances that led her and her husband Harry to abandon their public role.

During the meeting, the Duchess also revealed that living in Kensington Palace is like being in lockdown. Even going out for lunch with her friends was forbidden. Meghan has revealed that she has long wanted to talk to her friend about her Oprah, but which had been prevented by the officials of the Palace. During a call from the American presenter, she was forced to attack “it was not the time“. There were other people in the room watching over her.

It’s been a tough time,” added Harry, who later joined the conversation.But at least we had each other“. And he compared their parable to that of his mother, Diana. Harry explained that he felt “trapped” in his real role and that marrying Meghan was his liberation. He said of his father Charles and his brother William, the future kings, that they are both “trapped because they cannot escape.”

For now, Her Majesty the Queen, from the height of her 94 years and over six decades on the throne, shows that she wants to sovereignly ignore the controversies of the dreaded interview, preferring to let the facts speak for themselves. Yesterday you attended the Commonwealth Day, broadcast by the BBC a few hours before the interview, where you praised the “dedication to duty”, underlined the importance of “unity and friendship”. Words that could be read as an indirect rebuke to the conduct of the Dukes of Sussex. While unofficial sources from Buckingham Palace have already branded the couple’s appearance on American television screens as “a circus”.

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