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Summer is not over yet and there is nothing better than enjoying this last month of sun and sea with the right accessories. From the most nostalgic and retro style to the more contemporary and eccentric, the season’s jewelry trends are more numerous than you can imagine, but it’s still worthwhile to draw up a list of the most interesting ones:

The “timeless triad”. That are the very classic pearls, the wide and bold bracelets and the hoop earrings. These types of jewelry or bijoux are subjects from year to year with continuous reinterpretations and their appearance on catwalks is practically a certainty.

Chains. From the most delicate to the most aggressive, the chain jewels are claiming attention by appearing in various fashion shows. Their undeniable quality is to make every look less conventional.

Shells. Bracelets, necklaces and earrings, but also hair accessories, made with real or fake shells, have made a real return from the past, proving to be a must for the season, synonymous with summer and nostalgia.

Showy pendants and coins. The jewels that wink at the classic style, the exotic or astrological cultures, have a mysterious and ancient charm. The overlapping of more necklaces and chokers is what best enhances this kind of accessory, giving an idea of ​​opulence or lightness depending on how you choose to combine them.

Body jewelry. They too are not new but they represent an element of strong visual impact, frequently adopted on the catwalk or combined with swimsuits for their ability to attract the eye and enhance the lines of the body, especially the bust and hips.

Drop earrings with large pendants. Whether feathers, stones or other materials, this kind of earrings boldly communicates the attitude of the wearer. They can inspire humor and extravagance but also luxury and magnificence.

“Toy” and rainbow jewels. The “childish and colorful” jewelry is becoming increasingly popular, playing on the appeal of the 90s and childhood memories. This category also includes jewels and charms with the shape of fruit or other cheerful and colorful elements.

Fluo and minimal design jewelry. Among the most widespread social media trends there are also them. The jewels with bright colors and simple and geometric lines are an irresistible novelty for their versatility but also for their original appearance.

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