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Recently there has been a talk on Whatsapp regarding privacy, after the announcement, the popular messaging app would share some of our data with Facebook. Privacy advocates saw a further invasion of the field there, although Whatsapp denied that this was the case. Today, it announces the launch in the coming months of 2021 of four innovations to meet the needs of its users.

• Multi-device support

With this function, we will be able to use Whatsapp on multiple devices at the same time. Today it is possible to do this only with two devices, namely the smartphone and a computer. The new multi-device support instead will allow us to add up to 4 devices on a single account. This means that we could use WhatsApp web or desktop even when our phone is not connected (today we can’t). And the chat history could finally be synced across multiple devices.

• Read later

How many times have we wanted to postpone reading a message until a better time? Which explains why the “Read Later” feature is highly anticipated. When we click on the command that allows us to read a chat later and WhatsApp will not send us notifications for that chat. Furthermore, according to the well-informed, we will activate a “vacation mode”, which allows us to continue to hide archived discussions even when new messages arrive.

• Desktop and web calls

Other long-awaited features are voice and video calls from Whatsapp Web and PC. Currently, we can only call and video call from smartphones through the official app. It is unknown when the new feature will be accessible to everyone, but it will be announced by unique voice and video call icons within the web and desktop UI.

• Change wallpaper

It is already in operation for a few days to change the Whatsapp background, choosing one for all chats or one for each individual chat. As? From the Settings / Chat / Wallpaper menu, select Change, select a background category and an image, and finally click on Set wallpaper. While to replace the Background of a chat in particular with an ad hoc image, open the chat, click on More Options, then on Background, and follow the same steps.

For the uninitiated, Whatsapp has also been an online store since last year. Specifically, users can browse the catalog made available to them with the shopping cart function, select multiple products, and send the request. Once sent, your order will appear in the chat itself as if it were a text message.

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