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Queen Elizabeth has died.

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Queen Elizabeth has died.

“The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon.

The King and The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to London tomorrow.”

His Majesty reigned for 70 years, the longest reign in history dedicating his life to the service of his people.

Immediately following the announcement from the royal house, a crowd of person Davants gathered at Buckingham Palace, who sang the national anthem for respects to the queen.

She had promised it in a speech to the nation on his 21st birthday: “I declare to you that my entire life, long or short, will be dedicated to your service” and so , it was.

So much dedication and passion for her kingdom that was handed down to her by her parents.

We remember how during the Second World War in September 1939, the young Elizabeth was only 13 years old.

There were suggestions for the princesses to be transferred to safety from the air raids, but the mother refused to take them into consideration, saying, “The girls won’t leave without me. I won’t leave without the King. And the King will never go away.

A person who made history but also lived it: she fought Nazism, saw nuclear bombs explode, shook hands with the first president of the South African of the United States of America, remembered the twin towers, go trough Northern Ireland , celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall, admired the first man to walk on the moon and saw the end of a global pandemic.


The new King took the name of Charles ||| and tomorrow he will give his first speech.

William is now the first in the line of succession.

The Eiffel Tower will remain without lights tonight, and the Elysée flag will fly at half mast, in mourning for the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Empire State Building honors Queen Elizabeth II with a tribute of light purple and silver. ‘London Bridge’ is the name of the protocol that the British government plans to adopt with the Queen’s death . 

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