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Beloved, cult, and collectible object, the Birkin Hermes has always been a must-have surrounded by an aura of unreachability.

1.             Birkin was born from fortuitous circumstances.  

Perhaps not everyone knows that the history of Birkin was born in 1981, when, during a plane flight, the actress and singer Jane Birkin found herself sitting next to the CEO of Hermès, Jean-Louis Dumas. Due to an abrupt air gap, the actress fell everything she had in her bags. The CEO rushed to help her, stating that she would need a bag with pockets in which to store the contents would be safer. The actress responded, ‘When you produce one like this, I’ll be the first to buy it.’

2.             The gold sketch of the drawing was made on a bag for air sickness. On that same flight, Jean-Louis Dumas was so inspired by Jane Birkin’s story that he asked Jane to describe the bag she needed. Jane told him she wanted a bag bigger than Kelly’s but smaller than Serge’s suitcase. To give an idea of his thoughts so that Jean-Louis understood his wishes, he wanted to make a sketch but lacked the raw materials on the flight, so he drew the first sketch of a Birkin on a bag for air sickness provided on the plane. After seeing this sketch, Jean-Louis Dumas decided that he would make the Birkin Bag.

3.             It is available in 20 shades of blue. Alongside the elegant colors of Birkin bags that come to mind when we hear their name, these bags are also made in many other colors. For example, all over the world, there are over 20 blue shades for Birkin.  

4.             For the realization of each Birkin bag, it takes 2 days. Only one craftsman dedicates himself to the realization of the single Birkin Bag, and he takes over 48 hours of work to finish the iconic bag. 

5.             Each Hermès artisan has a personal toolkit. Every single Hermès craftsman has his personal toolkit that he uses every day. Craftsmen also have the right to keep it after retirement. 

6.             The most expensive Birkin ever sold at auction for $221,844. The Birkin we are talking about is a “fuchsia porosus crocodile” in shocking pink, with elements in 18 kt gold and diamonds, sold to the asta in 2015 for 221,844 dollars

7.             Hèrmes pays Birkin the rights Jane Birkin receives a cheque every year from Hermès for the rights to use her name. It is said to be around £30,000, a figure that Birkin donates to a charity of his choice.

8.             Unlike many celebrities and people who love Birkins, Jane Birkin only uses one Birkin bag at a time. He uses it until he consumes it entire

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