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Pink, in all of its shades, is THE colour right now and mostly millennials, after whom it is named, love it.

It was described as a “non-colour colour” because it ranges among so many hues, from powder pink to fuchsia, from beige to salmon, but it can’t be identified with any in particular. Millennial pink is everything, it is everywhere and, most of all, it is for everyone: an elixir of personality, the symbol of the Y generation’s power.

Rosa Millennial nel video di Ariana Grande video 7 rings

Authentic, fluid, empathetic, in love with differences. A generation that believes in girl power and in friendship. This is the message in ‪Ariana Grande‬’s new song “7 rings”. In its video the American singer created a completely pink world, where a group of friends enjoy life among diamonds, smiles and champagne.

As the pop-star herself claimed:

To me Girl Power means feeling confident and not being afraid to show people who you really are. You must say no to what you do not want and follow your desires. You must not be scared: there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

Millennial pink has the power to express this strength. The colour started its diffusion in 2012 as an softer version of Barbie Pink, but today it is a much more fluent concept. You can find it anywhere: in fashion, in beauty products’ packaging, in design and furnishing (just think of the pink flamingo trend).

Pastel but shiny, millennial pink is the ideal colour to be worn in spring, both in a total look or paired with neutrals. The important is being pink inside.

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