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Fairy tales, pop, a bit of fun. Many frills, a tiny bit of magic. Vivetta Ponti, fashion designer for the Vivetta brand, keeps growing, full of secrets like a scented nightly flower in a dry garden. This is the feeling you get from her show and most of all from her, who’s the author of a fabulous and picturesque aesthetic in a world that doesn’t believe in fairy-tales nor art anymore. Moreover it is easy to tell what a rare flower Vivetta is just from the way she walked among her public and friendly smiled instead of simply walking in and bowing in front of us. The same goes for her back-stage persona, who had something kind to say to everyone. She’s just full of style and fantasy.

Words are not necessary, it’s enough to take a look at her 2018 Spring/summer collection. In order to fully understand it, first of all you should get to know some pieces by Andrey Remnev, a contemporary Russian painter who represents atmospheres suspended between history, fairytale and dream, but with an incredibly modern style.

He was sitting in the first row, enjoying the défilé, where his fluorescent colors, like yellow, acid green and fuchsia, were owning the catwalk. And then, of course, flowers. Wonderful irises flourish on any fabric and merge with elements stolen from the underwater and sylvan world. But even a bit of Indian jungle. Nature prevails over man, dream over reality.

Fantastic animas, winged and sea creatures explore an exotic and luxurious vegetation. All of this, with its exile and elegant lines, recalls the volumes of pleated skirts, the embroideries of shirts, long dresses and, surprisingly, even a wedding gown in white, pink and light blue tulle.

Impossible not to notice t-shirts’ firing lettering and feathered denim, very trendy! Beautiful and glamorous glittered boots with bows on the back. But sparkling is not over: we find hand-made embroideries, sequined macramè, Swarovski elements and chiffon. Until you get to the princely brocade.

But of course this collection has some place for sportswear too. This is exactly what Vivetta’s ability consists of: creating retro pieces (her trademark) through funny and modern languages, fabrics and lines. According to me, a deep and original view on fashion. Heart-felt congratulations, Vivetta. My thoughts are also with Paolo Stella, a super cool fashion blogger, a very handsome and nice guy I had the pleasure to meet at the runway show. He impressed me with his kindness and competence.

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