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Gucci, which means the courage to never change and the class to be always the best. It’s just the first day here at the 2018 MFW, but whispers among catwalks and cocktail bars seem to reveal that the 2018 Spring Summer collection by Gucci has already won it all. Everyone is talking about it. First of all, you need to know that this fashion show is something you should directly see and not be told of. There’s just one word to describe it: hypnotic. I need to recover from the effects of this fashion show as soon as possible because until Monday I’m supposed to attend more than 60 shows and several presentations. Focus and resistance are fundamental. Now, let’s go back to the star of the moment: the Italian maison and its main creative designer, Alessandro Michele, who’s capable of turning whatever he touches into gold. Everything is new and yet faithful to the brand’s tradition. As a matter of fact the Gucci recipe is always the same: an unexpected match, a mix that you would never accept if they proposed it to you but which makes you think: “it’s perfect, how could I not think of it?” as soon as you actually see it.

On the catwalk it was possible to admire many styles completely different among each other and inspired by very far eras, places and populations. First of all, sequins. Sudden flashes of light that embellish gloves and stockings. Many pieces were British-inspired and manly kilts reminded of the no gender philosophy. Among shorts and bonnets made of crystals, you get to see something absolutely unexpected: a grandma-inspired mink, one of those classic, elegant and evergreen clothing pieces that will always be cool. And everything gets better. It is hard to give some order to this beautiful chaos.

Very long clothes or clothes so high-necked to cover even some face, tribal jewelry, heraldic symbols. But something even reminds us of the wonderful 80’s, like bombers and jackets, mostly spotty ones (as a matter of fact sportswear holds a fundamental place in the collection). For example: a sweater with a zip completely covered in sequins and bright-colored embroideries. My favorite piece: an apple green leathered mini dress cut under the breast and with full sleeves paired with a super-luxurious body covered in glitters.

A particularly impressive piece: a metallic red jacket with heart-shaped patches and sleeves in white fur. My favorite celeb: Charlotte Casiraghi, incredibly beautiful, sitting in the first row, wearing a simple black t-shirt and a miniskirt by Gucci, completely make-up free. Really a great show, thanks to Gucci.


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