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Where are we going to go ? What would we do? How will we arrive in 2054? No one can know, but the French fashion house Louis Vuitton has tried. The menswear designer Virgil Abloh wanted to address the issue by focusing on the theme of futuristic technology and the charm of the millennials who love to explore the great outdoors. For Abloh the urban environment will be different from its current manifestation and the needs of lifestyle will be totally changed, and if for some the thought of an uncertain and unknown future scares, for the designer the dystonia has never been so intriguing and beautiful to be analyzed. So after long months of research, thoughts and assumptions, the Louis Vuitton 2054 collection was born, a collection dedicated to high-level trekking.
We live in an age in which we are increasingly aware of ourselves and our environment“, explains Virgil Abloh. “We expect everyday objects, including our clothes, to be efficient, multi-functional and serve a purpose beyond their original meaning. Covering yourself with a coat that turns into a tent or a sweatshirt that compresses into a pillow is simply the answer to the evolution of our lifestyle.

The collection includes 14 water-repellent garments (a highlight is the Monogram parachute trousers) and a range of accessories that sees Abloh push the modular design to the extreme. There are sunglasses inspired by safety glasses with removable lenses, a bag that turns into a sleeping bag and a fisherman’s hat that can be stored in itself. The design methodology of the “accessomorphosis” of Chicago (accessories that can be transformed into garments) is also evident in articles such as the harness bag to wear. The 14 garments are made of nylon, as it is “the fabric of a generation in motion” according to the American.
The future of fashion is perhaps not only in clothing for clothing, but in a deeper search for the human body and movement,” says the designer, a lover of design and a degree in architecture. A contemporary vision translated with the name of this line, Louis Vuitton 2054, which takes both the present century and the year in which the house was founded, in order to evoke the maison’s origins in current and future customers.
The goal of this collection is to project this ancient brand into the future. Technologies, construction methods and even the ideologies of the future can become reality: it is enough to dream it“, emphasizes the designer.
The pieces range from around $ 800 to $ 5,000 and the collection will be available from November 15 on Louis Vuitton.

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