Finally the iconic Lady Gaga launches its own personal Haus Labs make-up and skincare line and to do so it chooses the huge American e-commerce, Amazon, as its commercial partner.

Apparently the Haus laboratories label had already been registered last year and in the first months of 2019 the official website had already been opened (currently it is possible to register on the site to receive newsletters). We could catch the clues in the small and sensational performance given by Lady Gaga on the red carpet of the Met Gala 2019 where, if you remember it well, the artist showed off an unusual trolley carrying accessories with “haus of Gaga” written on it and she also retouched her makeup with a fuchsia lipstick (perhaps one of the products of its line) and some scenical gestures.

All Haus Labs products will be on sale from next September on Amazon. The company has already revealed its intention to launch Lady Gaga kits simultaneously in nine countries on three different continents, including the United States, France and Germany, where customers can take advantage of one-day shipping, but before this declaration, the project had been managed with discretion.

Recently all the contents of the official AD campaign are spreading on the web. On the site and on the instagram profile of the singer was published the video of the spectacular launch campaign and a countdown. In addition, our beloved Mother Monster shared through a post on instagram the meaning and value of this new initiative, explaining what make-up represented in her life, since she was a little girl.

The make-up for the campaign was created by make-up artist Sarah Tanno, the same who did Lady Gaga’s make up for A Star is Born and who has been collaborating with the singer since 2009.

The ideals and principles that inspire this long-awaited beauty line are the same ones that have inspired Lady Gaga and have made of her the great artist she is today: pride for individuality and expressiveness, inclusiveness and diversity.