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Suppose you find yourself walking hungry for Manhattan and are close to 64th Street, the one that goes from the Central Park zoo to Rockefeller University. In that case, you certainly must take a dip in the 90s by entering the JOJO restaurant. The restaurant has been recently renovated to align it with the others owned by the renowned Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten.

For the uninitiated, Chef Jean Georges is known worldwide. He does not limit himself to being a cook in his career but has become a real businessman managing restaurants with 3 or 4 Michelin stars worldwide. He was born near Strasbourg in Alsace and immediately began his career as a chef by traveling the world, especially the donkey, from which he took his cue for exotic flavors, abandoning the traditional use of meat to replace it with essences of delicate fruits, vegetables, and broths. In short, an all-around Chef who has published numerous cookbooks that will undoubtedly be to your liking once you have tasted the JOJO cuisine.

The restaurant, which takes its name from the nickname the mother usually called it, has a modern and fresh look while maintaining a friendly and warm atmosphere. JOJO looks like a natural restaurant with organic and local ingredients where you can spend time in the neighborhood with your family.

In front of the entrance, you can taste the dishes in a pleasant outdoor area. If you enter and you are lucky, you can notice the long counter where a bartender will probably prepare you one of the best cosmopolitans you have ever drunk.

When you are comfortably seated at the table, do not overthink what to eat, everything is really delicious, but if you have any doubts you can rely on tradition and ask for the “JOJO Classics” such as the famous grilled chicken with green olives served only on Monday.

To book a table, go here
To find out more about Jean-Georges life and career, you can visit his website
If, on the other hand, you have now decided and want to go and eat, here is the site of the restaurant
There are currently offers for Valentine’s weekend, and if you are in town with your partner, you can undoubtedly amaze him in the best possible way.

Furthermore, and with this, we conclude, if for some reason you are a lover of JOJO’s cuisine, and you do not have the opportunity to go in person (damned cold that makes us sick), you can safely send food home through platforms such as Caviar, Grubhub, Seamless and Tock!

Lunchtime then. Enjoy your meal!

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