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The project that is bringing the great sneaker brands and the great collectors to the homeless around the world is born in 2012. It’s From The Sole  is the non-profit organization created by Andre McDonnell  that for seven years has been donating sneakers to the most needy.
The initiative was born almost by chance.
One day Andre McDonnell was playing a basketball game with some friends in his district when he sees a man sitting on a bench without shoes.
From there his life and his mentality have changed.
McDonnell works in a sneaker shop, he collects them, he loves them, he has many. He believes it is right to give that man at least a pair of the shoes he owns.
So he takes the seakers and gives them to him. From this gesture the project of It’s From The Sole will be born.This organization gathers sneakers from anyone who wants to donate them, from big brands to individual collectors. McDonnell does not ask anyone to make big sacrifices but simply to donate something that for us is superfluous to someone who actually needs it.
McDonnell himself goes around the world donating shoes to the needy. And invite everyone to join him.

Support is never enough. This is not a job but a mission, a vocation.
In many, fortunately, they respond to his appeals and It’s From The Sole is growing more and more.
Each donated shoe is carefully cleaned, sanitized and arranged to be perfect.
Giving a sneaker means giving the homeless something that they certainly could not afford but also something beautiful, high-level, something that gives back a little dignity to those who are often ignored and then a shoe is always something really useful.
Black Enterprise  named Andre McDonnell one of the 100 BEMM, BE Modern Man, modern black men who stood out for their actions and projects.
To actively participate in the initiative, you can click on this link .

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