Buco nero di fortnite

Il miglior buco nero di sempre. Fornite chiude, per ora.

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The very famous Epic games game has closed its doors for now.

During the last event organized by the parent company a black hole sucked the map and left everyone in confusion.
Hordes of children have begun to have panic attacks and crowds of parents are already losing their patience because they are now forced to interface with their little brats.

As you can see from these videos, kids under 15 have not taken it well and many parents have started bombarding the Epic call centers in an attempt to get information to try to figure out if they should find other substances to keep their children at bay.

Fortnite was a phenomenon that generated billions of dollars and this event, perhaps due to a 38% drop in earnings in 2019 prompted Epic Games to “pretend” the closure of the game to create hype for the next FORTNITE CHAPTER 2 .

In this regard the same producers have tried to reassure their customers by stating that the purchases and all the scores achieved so far will remain available in chapter 2.

To date we have no certainty about the release date of the new Fortnite but we are sure that it will not be long in coming.

In the meantime, I invite you all to leave the house, watch the sun, observe the trees and, if you have the right age, try to talk to the girls or boys you like.

It is never that you do not care about the reopening of anything.

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