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An innovative format for sushi lovers opens in Milan. It’s called Ichi Station, and it’s a place with a double soul. It is a small ‘station’ located in the heart of the city with purely takeaway sushi with an exclusive menu that ranges from sushi donuts to mosaic sushi up to offering fusion dishes. The inspiration of the dishes? The travels. A journey of flavors. Boxes that contain memories, experiences and emotions. Journeys are bearing the unmistakable signature of Master Haruo Ichikawa. The chef of the famous sushi restaurant Iyo in Milan, for which he received a Michelin star.
Chef Haruo Ichikawa

Ichi Station is an innovative format that provides two modes of use. The first is the 50 square meters ‘station’, which looks like a small ‘sushi pastry shop’. Here the food is displayed in the window, and the customer can choose to compose their own ‘travel box’ as if it were a box of chocolates. The second use is that there are also three mini support tables for travelers who wish to stop for a break.


But Ichi Station is not just a physical place. Ichi Station lives online. The entire menu in the ‘station’ is, in fact, available for home delivery. It is possible to consult the menu on the official website or from the app and directly by phone. Alternatively, the leading Milanese food delivery platforms – Deliveroo, Glovo, JustEat – also offer the delivery service.
Let’s move on to the main dish of Ichi Station, which is the menu. If you think you will find ‘the usual sushi’, you are wrong. The eclectic experience of Master Haruo Ichikawa translates into fusion dishes and experiments to be savored. Any taste? Mosaic Sushi, modular sushi in the boxes, an explosion of colors, a delight for the eyes and the palate, with salmon, tuna, amberjack, Tamako yaki (egg omelet), sea bass, scallops, cooked shrimp, avocado, cucumber, mango. Sushi Donut, a real US-style donut made of rice covered with salmon, tuna, tobiko, avocado, cucumber, and sesame. The way of colors, sushi that takes the ingredients’ color is completely natural, from saffron yellow to beetroot red to tea green and Venere black.
Finally, the pokè bowls – including two unique ‘hot’ versions – and sushi, sashimi, nigiri, uramaki, and tartare could not be missing, all dishes made with excellent raw materials and sauces whose secret ingredients are jealously guarded by the Master. Among the ‘must try’ dishes, the Zuke Maguro, a tuna tartare uramaki with anchovies and onion and marinated tuna outside, kizami, and wasabi. Or, again, the Unaghi, nigiri with Japanese eel or nigiri with beef and foie gras.


Prices? Ichi Station’s philosophy is to eliminate the trappings, focusing on the heart of the experience: the product, the food. For this reason, despite the ‘starred signature’ and the absolute excellence of the raw materials, a choice of medium positioning was made, precisely to share with everyone the experience of a world of flavors that will always be ‘on the go’.

Ichi Station
Viale Col di Lana, 3, 20136 Milano MI
Telefono: 02 4967 9973

Ichi Station
Corso di Porta Vittoria, 46, 20122 Milano MI
Telefono: 02 3663 5582

Ichi Station
Via Gustavo Fara, 33, 20124 Milano MI
Telefono: 02 3928 8436

Ichi Station
Via Carlo Ravizza, 24, 20149 Milano MI
Telefono: 02 4002 7933

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