High jewelery and tweed: Chanel goes back to basics.

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If you thought tweed was just a raw fabric worn in the past centuries by Scottish countryside workers, you were wrong.

It is a warm and resistant fabric which, precisely because of these characteristics, has been used mainly in men’s work clothes since the early 1800s. According to the legend, its name derives from the word “twill” which means “twill weave”, that is a weave characterized by a diagonal line which, in fact, recalls the typical texture of the clothes produced with this material.

This iconic fabric, once reserved only for men’s work clothes, was made known to the world a century ago by a fashion pioneer: Madamoiselle Coco Chanel. It was she who, during her love affair with the Duke of Westminster from those lands, developed her love for this peculiar type of wool making it become one of the characteristic features of the famous French maison. A cultural revolution forerunner of gender free fashion, carried out by a visionary and modern woman like Coco who, not surprisingly, used to practice various activities traditionally reserved for men only such as sports, driving and travel.

Today, almost a century later, tweed becomes a source of inspiration for a line of jewelry designed to recreate the tweed effect through a weave of crossed lines and superimposed with skill through a special articulation technique by the skilled craftsmen of Chanel High Jewelry Workshop that in the laboratories of Place Vendome in Paris.

Designed by Patrice Leguereau, creative director of Chanel jewelry, the collection was presented on the occasion of the haute couture in Paris and offers 45 pieces including bracelets, watches, rings and earrings made using pearls, gold, diamonds and sapphires.

A special mention certainly goes to Tweed Couture, a sumptuous necklace made of platinum, pink gold, pink sapphire diamonds, red spinels and, icing on the cake, a cushion-cut diamond of 10.20 carats. A unique piece made up of 980 joints which required around 1000 hours of work by the best Parisian master jewelers and which gave birth to a true masterpiece of goldsmith’s art that we will probably still hear about. The price? You should get away with around 4 million euros.

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