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December has finally arrived and with him also a news that we have been waiting for weeks! With precision since we had anticipated here, and finally today the confirmation has arrived, the co-lab between Stussy and Dior will be made!

And to announce it was Shawn Stussy in person who on instagram published a photo with the Dior crest and the following caption: “it has been really hard for me to keep this to myself for six months now… but seems after traveling all day to miami from paris the cat’s out the bag… I opened my phone to see that word is out… Kim has brought me out of retirement to work with him and his Dior family on fall 2020… I gotta say here now how good a vibe and how natural this project has felt for me before this thing breaks in a day or so… no matter what goes down I want to thank the whole crew over there for taking me in and making me feel welcomed… now I am just going to enjoy the next couple days and watch it unfold…”

It is impossible not to notice from the caption the emotion of Shawn in having undertaken this journey with Dior. In fact, although Mr. Stussy founded his eponymous brand, he left the role of the boss in 1996! And if Shawn is back over 20 years working on a project of this magnitude, we can only expect sparks from this co-lab. For now we have been allowed to know only that the Dior Team has colored some monochrome images presented by Stussy, for the rest we will have to wait for the show that will be presented in Miami for the Dior Men Fall 2020 collection.


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