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Amazon has launched “Made for you” in the United States. This is a new online clothing service that allows you to create a wardrobe according to your shapes and tastes. At the moment it is still in experimental form and allows you to make only a $ 25 t-shirt, choosing fabric, colors, sleeve length, collar size and any other possible type of customization. In the future the Seattle giant aims to offer other garments and above all to extend the service all over the world.

However, for the service to work, Amazon obviously needs some personal data. Two full-length photos from head to toe, front and back, together with height, weight and build, to create your own “virtual double”. This will allow you to see in real time how the garment fits on you and if there are any corrections to be made before purchasing. Obviously, the company of Jeff Bezos (the richest man in the world) stated that users can delete their data at any time and that uploaded photos are deleted immediately after use without being stored in the archives.

Nothing that we hadn’t already seen within the various online tailored suits services, but if Amazon does it, it’s different. If we put aside the point of view of privacy, the giant will become a big competitor of the online shops of traditional fashion houses. First of all for the launch of its own low-cost clothing line, and secondly because it could extend this type of recognition to the entire fashion catalog of e-commerce. We also remember that in September this year, Amazon inaugurated the Luxury Stores.

Obviously, this is not the first time that Amazon has tried to establish itself in the fashion market by focusing on a personalization service. It already tried it in 2017 with Echo Look, the device that offered advice on how to dress. Equipped with a camera, it took pictures of the user’s outfit and, through artificial intelligence, judged the clothing. After three years, the company decided to dispose of it because it had not met the hoped-for success.

But today the pandemic has changed the cards on the table. Many more people who were previously opposed to online shopping have now come close. Our concept of a store has now changed between interactive dressing rooms, virtual payments and collection of products ordered on the Internet. And we are sure that Amazon Made for You is only the first consequence of this transformation process that will radically change the way people shop in the future.

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