Chiara Ferragni VS Haters: who will win?

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Fighting against the haters is a battle that unfortunately the people of some importance in the world of social media have always had to face. Chiara Ferragni, an entrepreneur and influencer par excellence of this universe, knows this very well and since her debut, she has fought against the criticisms that are inflicted on her, whether they are positive or negative. And unfortunately most of the times it is these last ones that have the best. Of course, as Ferragni has always said, it is the pros and cons that this job brings you, but perhaps now the fashion blogger has found a solution for all of them.
During Sky TG24 interview, Ferragni underlined the importance of introducing a new rule, that is the possibility to ask for an identity document or the tax code to those who register on a social platform to counter the phenomenon of haters. Being the people more easily accessible in understanding who it is, it could make them less eager to sprinkle the others with hatred. It is known that in fact behind a screen we feel more free to give vent to our thoughts, we are stronger, we are not afraid to express our opinions and we feel untouchable, while an action of this kind to find it face to face is more difficult . So the most plausible solution to eliminate the so-called “keyboard tigers” that manage to hurt and insult without trembling and remain unpunished, could come just from her, Chiara Ferragni victim and witness in first person.
I think it is very important to tell all the people who use social media that the haters phenomenon unfortunately exists and will always be there, we hope that it will decrease in quantity but there will always be someone who wants to write a malicious comment. The most important thing is to live as if these comments did not exist, because unfortunately it is a phenomenon that will always be present in our lives. Giving value to these people means giving them reason, so the idea is that if they don’t exist in your mind, they don’t exist in your life. Let’s never let ourselves be beaten by the haters, I am the first witness of this thing because if I had fallen for the many hater comments I received at the beginning of my career, I would have been discouraged and I would not have done anything of what I then did in these years “, she said.

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