Versace VS Fashion Nova: the show must go on

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The Medusa fashion house, Versace, filed a lawsuit against the American fast-fashion, Fashion Nova,  giant for copyright infringement. According to the indictment, Fashion Nova would have copied some of Versace’s most iconic prints and models, including the famous Jungle Dress worn by Jennifer Lopez wich inspired Google in creating her image search.

Jungle Dress by Versace on left and Fashion Nova dress on right

Among the models object of the dispute prints recognizable all over the world as characteristic elements of the Versace brand such as the “Barocco 57“, the “Pop Hearts” and the “Greek decoration“.

An accusation perhaps not entirely unfounded considering that, according to many specialists in the sector, it is not the first time that the American fashion house ends up at the center of controversy due to plagiarism and infringement of intellectual property. A thesis also supported by the fact that Fashion Nova would have in parallel started a massive spamming strategy on the web to associate its products with various search keywords linked to the Versace brand.

The copy dress by Fashion Nova

At the moment the parties involved have not issued statements but, judging by the reactions and the clamor raised by this lawsuit, perhaps Fashion Nova’s hyper-aggressive marketing strategy once again gave its results.

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