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Addicted of the limited edition philosophy, with the new new and with many things to report and note, we suggest you also write this note. Every first Thursday of the month, run on the Prada website because the brand has decided to create a special collection called Prada Timecapsule. You can find only on the web site one of the 50 drops in the collection but for a limited period of time, only 24 hours.
This section is available on a new Prada e-commerce platform and published last November, it is identified by a logo designed by OMA together with a serial number.
The offer is now available in Europe, with an extension to other markets during 2020, according to the relaunch schedule of the new website.
The January release proposes a unisex shirt described by a print dedicated to the current month (the motif of the print is inspired by a theme related to the launch month): An imaginary holiday that combines sea and mountains, created a poetic scene only apparently paradoxical. The drop includes a printed number that identifies the limited edition (1/50, 2/50, 3/50 …).

Today’s garment will be available from 15.00 on the Prada’ s web site but remember only for 24 hours!

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