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This Paris Fashion Week is giving us many new features, keeping us voraciously attached to social media to follow the contents of the latest fashion shows and the inevitable celebrities invited to the various events.

From the bewitching looks of YSL‘s fall 24, to the sparkling dresses of Dior, without excluding the elaborate “breathing” catwalk of Courrèges, stars like Cher and Serena Williams in the front row at Balmain, and the virtuous debut of Chemena kamali at Chloé. And that’s only maybe 15% of all that this luxurious haute couture week has in store for us.


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But apparently there is a fashion show of which we won’t see reels and images scrolling on our feeds for a while yet.

At The Row‘s latest fashion show for the Fall/Winter 2024 season, the brand asked attendees to refrain from photographing, filming or sharing any content during the experience.

Indeed, it is truly incredible that, even several hours after The Row show, held during Paris Fashion Week on February 28, there are no images of the collection on the Internet. In our ultra-connected world, where even fashion is fueled by the media, this is decidedly unusual.

Although the no smartphone/no live streaming policy proposed by the brand disappointed those who were impatiently waiting for the post-show recap on social media from the participants, the decision of the two Olsen twins (founders of the brand) is far from unreasonable.


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For many, The Row’s phone-free show was reminiscent of the era of fashion saloon, when only the most privileged of society and industry insiders gathered, away from prying eyes, to admire the latest and exclusive creations of brands. As proof of this, notebooks were also provided at the fashion show to sketch down thoughts and notes on the collection in real time.

As has been acutely underlined, The Row’s anti-social media action was a manifesto of quiet luxury skillfully managed also on a marketing level. What’s more exclusive than the experience? Than living the moment in a unique way and totally detached from common means of accessibility?

Furthermore, by asking participants not to record or publish the experience, they only increased a sense of suspense and anticipation.

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In an era where social media presence is vital even for luxury brands, The Row once again proves that it is setting its own way, going against the grain. And while most fashion houses goes for a real-time social media to generate hype and broaden their audience, The Row manages to go viral in its own way and without any social noise.

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