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Even Nike takes the field to make his contribution during the COVID-19 emergency. The Swoosh has made it known that its factories have reconverted parts of the production to create integral protective shields for the face and supplementary glasses (PAPR) to be destined for healthcare personnel.

Nike will use part of the material that is currently used for the production of shoes and clothing, and which due to its characteristics lends itself to be readjusted, for the creation of personal protective devices certified anti-COVID-19.
“Nike’s generous response helps instill an additional level of trust in healthcare professionals, who will be able to do their job in complete safety,” said Dr. Miko Enomoto, associate professor at the Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine. A state, that of Oregon, which saw, among other things, the birth of the footwear company.
New Balance has also followed Nike’s lead and their factories are already collaborating with local medical facilities to achieve up to 100.00 weekly units at their locations in Maine and Massachusetts, in full compliance with compliance lines. FDA. Also, the research and development team is already working on the creation of work coats, devices for limb protection and other essential elements for individual protection.


But Apple will also produce masks. Through a video posted on Tweeter, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced the arrival of Apple for the realization of masks to be distributed to American doctors. The Apple Computer Company has also developed a new product, defined for now only as a “face shield”, already renamed on the web iShield, which will be produced every week in one million units and will serve to protect operators who work closely together with coronavirus patients.

The face shield made of plastic is easily transportable and can be assembled to become functional within two minutes. A type of protection very suitable and that can also be worn for long hospital shifts, without marking the face like the protective devices currently supplied. “For Apple, this is a product made with love and gratitude, a contribution to win together a battle that will be long and difficult,” said Cook.

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