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From tennis courts to mod clubs, from rave punk to live performances of the heroes of the britpop, the iconic laurel wreath has defined and dressed all the major British underground streams. We are talking about the British brand Fred Perry, a symbol of individuality and belonging, whose logo sewn on the chest encloses a universe made of music, rebellion and street life in which boys can recognize themselves and tell the world who they are. Garments such as the Polo Shirt or the Harrington jacket remain timeless icons, capable of renewing themselves while remaining true to their history. As happens in the new Sharp collection in which Fred Perry interprets these and the other pieces most loved by the protagonists of British subcultures in a fresh and contemporary key. A cultural research of youth subcultures also demonstrated in the collection between Raf Simons & Fred Perry last month. Unisex clothes that tell the punk “Do It Yourself” attitude.
The sartorial tradition meets sportswear; the essential lines are dressed in gingham, vertical stripes and rhombuses. Self-expression is encouraged by new elements, such as cuffs on the sleeves and zippers, which take the collection to a higher level and satisfy the wishes of the most avant-garde. The tape appears in contrast on the Polo Shirts or in the two-tone version on the sports suit. The Harrington jacket is enhanced thanks to the laurel wreath in the golden version, while the parka is declined in optical white. The V-neck sweater and knitted shirts evolve thanks to new structured fabrics and refined finishes. All declined in shades of cobalt, pink, red and ice white.


The collection is already available on Fred Perry’s website.

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