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Every woman loves to be cuddled, but the same thing applies to the pets who live with us and share our lives. Or at least, this applies to me and my Mia, my amazing friend that, by now, has been sharing everything with me for an year and is now going to stand by me even during the new adventure of this blog!

And, of course, when writing a fashion blog, how could I miss the chance to dedicate a post to all the latest and coolest accessories for our four-legged friends?

First of all, let me start by saying that I’m going to list some very refined (and not always cheap) accessories for our hairy friends, therefore if you don’t have an animal or don’t support this kind of purchase, I highly suggest that you stop reading this post and choose another one. On the other hand, if you’re both crazy about your pet and about going shopping, this post will provide you with incredible (even if not always necessary) ideas!

Let’s begin with something extremely classy, which suits the philosophy of my blog. I’m talking about bowls and cookie cans made of ceramic and provided with a tiny blackboard where you can write your pet’s name or the menu of the day.

What’s classier than that? Moreover, how could you deprive your little pet of a comfortable and fashionable kennel? And, since we’re soon going to celebrate Halloween, this accessory is perfect right now!

If for a man “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away”, for a dog “a colorful bone a day keeps problems away”!

Buying these nice accessories made of recycled cotton (that first have to get a little wet and then kept in the fridge) will benefit your dogs twice! As a matter of fact they are both going to have tons of fun and avoid any sort of teeth and gum problems (and, therefore, you will avoid having to spend lots of money at the vet!).

Mia is totally in love with these accessories and I’m extremely satisfied with my purchase as she stopped chewing on my furniture!

Finally, I couldn’t end this post without suggesting

a brush , a leash and tiny shoes for next winter.

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