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In a few European countries such as Belgium, Great Britain, Germany and Finland, Lidl released a collection of clothing, footwear and accessories that immediately drove thousands of people crazy. At that time, against all odds, everyone was talking about it, from posts on social media to tutorials in which some YouTubers explained how to cop the line. Even on eBay started to appear the sold-out collection at significantly higher resell prices, especially for sneakers. And today the supermarket chain announced that the capsule will be released in 660 Italian stores, including the T-shirts, socks and slippers characterized by the conspicuous logo as well as a pair of sneakers. The prices start at € 2.99 and go to a maximum of € 12.99. The new collection pay homage to all their customers, who have always defined themselves as real “Lidl fans” and that from November 16 will be able to wear their favourite limited edition brand in Italy. Queues are already expected outside the entrance.

Alessia Bonifazi, Lidl Italy Communications Manager said: “The Lidl fashion collection made up of t-shirts, shoes, slippers and socks that reflect our logo is a nice way to pay homage to our customers who have always defined themselves as real ‘Lidl fans’. The design was developed internally by Lidl, playing with the colors of our brand. The great success that our ‘Lidl Fan Collection’ has had in the countries where it has been on sale was unexpected and surprising, a sign of how Lidl is truly an innovative brand in step with the times “.

Lidl has been a huge presence in Italy for 28 years now, in 19 regions with over 17,500 employees. The daily supply of the stores is guaranteed by 10 logistic platforms located throughout the country. In recent years, the brand renewed itself, by involving the radical modernization of the sales network to offer a more pleasant and functional shopping experience to their customers, as well as the complete revision of the assortment of products on the shelf with a clear shift towards the Made in Italy. Currently, over 80% of the products offered by the brand are produced in Italy.

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