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It’s been a while since we’re hearing about Korean skin care. Thus, I decided to ask my beloved aesthetician about it. Well, I can assure you I’ve discovered a whole new world, as charming as, we can say, weary! The K-Beauty world has both something magical and maniacal about it: a deep love for the detail, a long routine, an actual obsession for a funny and girly packaging. The result, though, is incredible. I’m talking about a skin care procedure that should be followed twice a day, in the morning and at night, and that is based on 10 steps, according to the layering technique, consisting of layering up several products, starting from those with a lighter texture up to the thickest ones.


Let’s begin. Step 1: cleansing oil. It removes impurities and hydrates your skin at the same time. It gives its best result if mixed with water, which allows the opening of skin pores (this is a fundamental step so that our skin can better absorb the following products). Step 2: foamy cleanser. I use this one by Clinique. Pick, basing on your skin type, a purifying, mattifying or nourishing product. This is the moment when your skin really gets cleaned. And now, here’s step 3: exfoliating.

Eliminating dead cells, your skin will acquire an immediate brightness. But be careful, you mustn’t overdose it: as a matter of fact doing this twice a day might completely destroy your hydrolipidic film, which is a very bad thing. Therefore, choose super delicate formulas (a very suggested product is the new gommage by Chanel) and focus on the most problematic areas, where black spots usually create, thus nose and chin. Step 4: toning lotion. Better if alcohol-free: it is more delicate (a very delicate one is this one by Clarins) and it gives back balance to your skin after the previous treatments. Step 5: face essences. This is a very particular Korean product, hard to find in our country. It is basically a liquid lotion that keeps your face hydrated and prepared for the following steps.

As regards this passage absolutely choose Ibuki Softening Concentrate by Shiseido: there’s nothing better. And now, step 6: serum. It is a concetrate that needs to be applied before hydrating cream for a beauty booster for your skin. If you like the idea, you might try a Korean product, like the Mizon Acence Blemish Spot Solution Serum, specifically created to reduce your skin’s imperfections. And at last, step number 7, my favourite one: the mask. In order to gain some time, at least in the morning, I suggest you use “splash” formulas, quick to use. The fabric-made ones are an absolute must-have: in Korea a very popular kind is the TonyMoly I Am Real Mask Sheet, with natural extracts. And then step 8: the eye-zone. I can’t help but suggest this panda stick , Korea in its deepest manifestation, just lovely. Step 9: hydrating cream. I wouldn’t want to discuss about this product, which is a very personal one. Let me just remind you: gel if your skin is oily, a rich formula if it’s normal or dry. And finally, step 10, the last one: sun creamc, if it’s morning, night cream, if you’re going to sleep. And now, you may go in peace, as hydrated as you could be.

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