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Here’s how influencers and brands manage to send their posts in popular Instagram. Going to Instagram polar is not easy. It’s not easy if you don’t know the secret mix to end the post in the popular. What I am about to tell you seems like a doctor’s recipe but the Instagram algorithm is so complex that to fool him there are those who have worked well! An SMM who has been doing the “dirty work” for many influencers and fashion brands and who for obvious reasons wants to remain anonymous has revealed the secret. Let’s get to the point. How to go to Instagram popular?

1. Post some attractive content (old story) but if you are ugly it doesn’t work then the content must be beautiful.
2.High quality like part, just a few even five hundred are enough. Instagram likes must be bought immediately and must be of quality. By quality we mean true or therefore coming from Instagram Pod, ads or with profile photos, following and followers, many photos and stories. Usually these types of likes cost a lot and are not easily found.
3.Buy also Instagram saves, photo saves are as fundamental as likes because they make instagram understand that your photo or video is really liked. People tend to save the photos they like. If you buy 1000 Instagram Likes you also buy 200 Instagram saves. Saves are also very important data for brands to evaluate whether the influencer is really influential or not.
4. Do not insert unnecessary hashtags. Bet everything on three maximum four hashtags. Hashtags must be inherent to the posted content. If you post a photo of your look, write a nice caption and add generic hashtags also widely used like #ootd #streetstyleinspo #fashion
5.If you have no comments use the Italian Instagram Pods (the best pusher in Italy is a social media agency in Milan) before everyone used Fuelgram but after updating the Instagram algorithm in July it no longer works as before and It’s not safe.
6.Check after a few minutes if your photo has ended up in the popular Instagram. Why is it useful to go to Instagram popular?

Finishing in the Instagram popular means growing organically because all the people who seek (taking the example above) and write “fashion” will find your photo in the hashtag search and if you like your Instagram account you will get new followers. Instagram is considered a search engine. People now search on Instagram where to eat, what appears, the hairdresser, which hotel to go to. Now that you know the strategy to end your posts in Instagram, you just have to give it all. I repeat the strategy to end your post in popular Instagram. “Valid content + three four hashtags related to the content – Instagram Likes + Instagram Salvataggi – True comments”.

Latest good tips to succeed and become popular on Instagram:
1. Never buy low cost services (like, follower, comments) what is cheap does not work. Example of two sites to avoid VisibilityReseller, LikeVisibility. You risk buying followers and losing them after a few hours or getting horrible and useless likes. For example, the likes of some profiles are evident that they are fake followers – they are without profile photos, without photos in posts, without description in the bio and zero followers and following. Those likes are useless, they only serve to make numbers (remember the numbers of likes can still be seen from the computer and from states where Instagram has not hidden them).
2.Buy these services only from social media agencies that show where they are, who they are and all the information in Europe. Never give your profile password (Instaboom, Igrowth are a classic example of agencies you should never use because they ask you for your password). Do not use bots – never – not even those for stories (once you give your account password it is finished you risk losing it). Pay attention to those who profess themselves to be Digital Coaches and who are not in Europe do not respect the GDPR and easily give scams. Try to respond to the comments and comments you receive in the shortest time possible because Instagram rewards social behavior.

Save, comment, follow, always like target people so that instagram positions you in the most relevant category. In short, the more time you are on Instagram the more Instagram rewards you (bad guys right?)

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