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The climate change, as we know, is one of the topics that is most interesting for companies, especially in recent years. There are countless campaigns launched in favor of protecting the environment.
From the individual to the multinationals, mobilization is very strong and felt.
Fashion companies are among the most polluting industries on the planet. For this reason, numerous brands have had to promise to reduce the emissions of their industries and the environmental impact in the years to come.

But there are those who, like Gucci  CEO Marco Bizzarri , are not satisfied with promises but want the facts now! Too many companies promise and then do not maintain. The problem of climate change concerns the world of today and today we must mobilize to fight it.
So Marco Bizzarri invites other CEOs and other fashion companies to join him in the Ceo Carbon Neutral Challenge with the aim of mobilizing immediately to safeguard our planet.

In the open letter to company executives, Gucci’s managing director writes
We are entering a new era of corporate responsibility. As companies, we have the responsibility to face the reality of global climate change, the biodiversity crisis and we also have the responsibility to identify the means to amplify the conservation and restoration efforts of the natural heritage while mitigating its evolution ”.

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