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When Brad Pitt has reached 50 years old, on December 18, 2013, Angelina Jolie celebrated him by giving him a private island. Petra Island, the name of the islet of eleven acres hidden away in the waters of Lake Mahopac, fifty miles north of New York City, was the perfect retreat for the couple in love. Within a quarter of an hour of the helicopter was to become their romantic nest, out of this world, far away from the paparazzi. The cost of the operation? 15 million dollars.
The fate, however, had something else in mind for the couple the most talked-about Hollywood. And the heart-shaped island, which promised privacy&romance, remaining there, deserted, deserted and uninhabited for years. A wedding is finished, the two stars have decided to put it up for sale. Today, Petra Island is on the market for 9.950.000 dollars, but it’s also available to rent for the holidays at $ 40,000 per month.
However, the real jewel of the island is the Massaro House, a villa, fantastic inside which you will find a unique house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. In 1950, the distinguished architect was instructed by Ahmed Chahroudi to achieve “a true masterpiece”. Wright originally planned a sprawling property of about 500 square meters. Soon, the owner realized that he could not afford the building, and Wright was forced to resize the residence. In the end, they decided on a cottage well smaller than 110 square meters, called the A. K. Chahroudi Cottage.
Several years later, the entrepreneur John Massaro to buy the island and decided to build this house more spacious than the original Wright. Drawings, estimates, and plans were retained by the great architect, were re-discovered. The villa was completed around 2007. Unfortunately, even today, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation refuses to recognize the home as a simple project of Wright. Despite the memories, Frank Lloyd Wright (complete with its own private waterfall, which is integrated into the property) and followed the original plans.
And that explains the two houses on the property. The Fifties Wright is nicknamed the “Guest House,” while the spacious home is the “Main House”. The latter, perfectly integrated into the environment, is built around a large rock. A boulder from a significant volume (high 3,70 meters long and 18), which was made part of the construction itself. The different environments are in fact, revolve around his thickness: from your shower with the stone wall to the rooms where the rocks are characteristic elements of the decòr. The villa’s aesthetic is made of regular geometries and straight lines, large horizontal planes, and aspects of wood and stone embedded in the environment.
Also, the furniture will integrate and adapt to the surrounding nature. They are made to measure and follow the design of the original project. Especially the living room, reminiscent of the bow of a ship, and it extends in length, suspended on the lake.
In addition to a gorgeous view of the water, the island offers a huge park, with so much of the heliport to fly in just a few minutes from Manhattan. But also a pier, to turn the area by boat and a small private beach where you can spend the summer days.
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