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From the Italian Renaissance to modern Beijing, the step is short for Pierpaolo Piccioli, who presents a special Valentino Haute Couture collection on the occasion of the opening of the store in the glamorous district of Sanlitun in Pechino. A daydream that tells of a new Haute Couture, more daily and within reach of new generations.
Beauty is the common thread of the event: from the location, to the dream dresses, handmade by the atelier tailors. The inspiration of the collection comes from the Italian Renaissance which merges with the Chinese tradition. Exaggerated volumes and deliberately opulent fabrics, the colors range from pink to red through gold and emerald green. Details are essential to bring the audience into the dream: skirts, hats and dresses are sprinkled with maxi bows, flowers and precious embroidery.

An all-round event that involved not only the guests who took part in the Summer Palace, the 18th century palace in the heart of Beijing’s nightlife but also the new generations: singer Lay Zhang, actress Qin Lan, singers Xuanyi Wu in the front row  from the Rocket Girls 101 and Wenhan Li from the Unine band, as well as the Japanese model Koki. A contemporary luxury blaze to be applauded with wide eyes, that of Daydream: which is no coincidence that it is also the name of a capsule collection available to Millennials. T-shirts, water bottles, board games, notebooks, sneakers, as well as an ad hoc model by Vsling, the season’s Valentino Bag, characterized by the Valentino Daydream logo on sale exclusively in the newly opened boutique in Beijing: over 400 meters squares signed by David Chipperfield.

The meeting between China and Valentino knows of magic, a fantasy with open eyes that erases cultural barriers and those between reality and desire.

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