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The concept of a bistro was born in France, and today, after about 220 years, Rome boasts one from the Japanese chef. A tavern, as the Parisian origin of the term, would like, which boasts its Michelin star won in 2017, and offers cuisine at the center of two cultures, Japanese and Italian, with delicate nuances and sweet notes, offering a complete experience that is in great balance in terms of quality/price. This place is called Bistrot 64. The place is minimalist, informal. Small wooden tables with a white marble top and no tablecloth. A counter at the entrance of the same materials, on the ceiling of the sound-absorbing panels of those used in cinemas, effective and capable of furnishing.


Cozy is the perfect adjective to describe Bistrot 64. The dishes of the kitchen bear the signature of the chef of Japanese origin Kotaro Noda. And if perhaps some of you, given the chef’s provenance, are thinking of an oriental menu, don’t be fooled. Kotaro has accumulated a great deal of experience in Italy, and his culture is all at the service of Italian products. And in his dishes, the first component is respect for food. The secret ingredient is the ability to dismantle any excess.
Kotaro Noda’s style is clean, harmonious, and technically light in its complexity. To find taste notes with more robust but still controlled flavors, you have to order the first of Roman tradition, such as Cacio e pepe or Amatriciana. His vision dishes such as the Lasagna Raviolo are an elegant, comfortable and pleasantly satisfying treat. His workhorse, potato spaghetti with butter and anchovies. The four sweets in the paper that have the names of four colors, from red to white; the Blu with purple cabbage, white chocolate, and gorgonzola.


With the attentive and quick Emanuele Cozzo leading the ranks in the dining room, Bistrot 64 rightly enjoys the nickname of a starred restaurant for everyone, an entry-level full of personality and style, one of a kind on the Capitoline square.
Bistrot 64
Via Guglielmo Calderini, 64, 00196 Roma RM
Telefono: 06 323 5531
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