Beba Ounce

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Beba Ounche known simply as Beba was born in 1994 in Turin and at the registry office is Roberta. Since his youth, an assiduous listener of Hip Hop, he became passionate about the Italian scene and decided to pursue his dream by moving to Milan.

At that time the economic capital of Italy was the mecca for all the hip hop artists who from all over the peninsula began to move under the shadow of the Duomo because the opportunities were greater and the record houses went in search of new Italian talent to push in the mainstream.

This renewed interest, perhaps driven also by the voluminous gains that the American scene ground in the world, have also allowed new female promises to grab a good slice of the market. Among these rising stars, despite his young career, there is for the note Beba that not only has established itself in the Italian rap and trap world but has now become extremely popular online. Su instagram has a host of followers (449,000) who listen to her and draw inspiration from her outfits.

In fact, Beba Ounce is not only an iconic rapper but also an influencer with regard to streetwear style. We often see her running with Jean, boots, sports tops and Bomber jackets but also with clothes that look more classic. The fundamental characteristic of his outfits is that of the balance between the typically hip hop over size and the tight.

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