BAPE: The new “Neon Tokyo” pattern.

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In 1993, a brand was born in Japan, exactly in Harajuku, which will then become one of the most influential brands in the world of streetwear, we are talking about Bathing Ape, or more simply Bape. The brand was born from the creativity of designer Tomoaki Nagao, aka Nigo, who opens his first store under the name “Nowhere” and who shortly afterwards becomes a must for Tokyo’s youth culture. With a gorilla as its logo and its iconic camouflage prints, Bape has managed to fully enter the closets of the most important celebrities, athletes and influencers and its stores can be found in the main cities of the world.


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A BATHING APE®︎ SPRING/SUMMER NEW PATTERN “NEON TOKYO” is an all-new original pattern inspired by the cinematic image of Tokyo in the ‘80s. In this new collection, many of BAPE®︎’s iconic designs, such as the ape Head and the Shark-seijin, can be spotted in a neon-lighted TOKYO, a city that never sleeps. Another original pattern, the “BAPE®︎ FLAME” illustrates an ape’s head floating in between the dancing flame. Although the items are best worn in a full outfit, just one item from the lineup could also create an exceptional sense of presence. “BAPE®︎ FLAME” items will be available in two colors: red and blue.

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So if many people love it for the omnipresent camouflage prints, today a novelty arrives in the collection for the spring / summer of 2020, and we are talking about a new pattern: “NEON TOKYO”, which includes a burning print, the “BAPE FLAME “. The new “Neon Tokyo” design is inspired by the cinematic images of Tokyo in the 1980s and celebrates a city that never sleeps. This brand new and “fiery” model is available in two colors, one red and one blue, and wraps sweatshirts with zip, jeans and a wide range of skate products. Obviously these are only the first images we have, surely as the months go by, new products with the bape flame will be proposed.

The new pattern will be presented in all Bape locations and on the website from 1 February. We wonder if it will immediately sold out, in fact exclusivity has always been a concept familiar to the brand, which just like Supreme, makes its products available only on Saturdays.

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