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We spoke to you in the previous days about the Tik Tok phenomenon and how it has become the most popular social ever. It has acquired so much power that it has even become the new beauty market (read here). And in the times of the coronavirus, where the sales market is gradually decreasing, luxury brands are thus forced to consider the new social marketing and the Z generation, and to knock on the door of Tik Tok.
After experimenting with direct initiatives on Instagram and Facebook, the fashion brands have understood that they must broaden their horizons by also testing the social network created by the Chinese company ByteDance in 2016 and loved by young people (41% of its audience has a between the ages of 16 and 24, according to market research firm Marketing North).
In the case of fashion brands, each one uses the fluid and genuine TikTok format in its own way. Most are not (yet) present on the social network, but exploit their potential from a distance. What matters is the content, which to function must appear spontaneous and not “studied” like that of Instagram.
During the last fashion week in Milan, Prada recruited TikToker, Charli D’Amelio, 15, inviting her to the F / W 2020-21 fashion show, asking her to capture and share on her personal account (followed by over 46 million followers) ad hoc content. Result? 5.7 million likes, 64,300 shares and 36.8 million views. Prada’s official TikTok account now has 133,000 followers, and not even a published video.


Gucci landed on TikTok in February 2020, but already has 253 thousand followers. It all started with the launch of the #AccidentalInfluencer campaign to promote the Tennis 1977 sneakers. From then on, the Maison continued to share short videos of characters grappling with funny #Guccimoves.
Ralph Lauren debuted on the app during the US Open in August 2019, becoming the first brand to launch a hashtag challenge on the platform during a sporting event. From then on, a proliferation of videos of the hottest TikTokers, from Andres Willey to Lani Baker, which show how to match Ralph Lauren garments and accessories.
Balmain is also among the Maison featured in the Chinese social network. Olivier Rousteing launched the account in November 2019. In early April 2020, the brand presented a new initiative on TikTok, #BalmainEnsemble, which proposes some content from the archives.

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Burberry was one of the first brands to land on TikTok, in June 2019. The brand directed by Riccardo Tisci, which today has 23 thousand followers, launched its #TBchallenge inviting followers to film themselves, recreating the TB logo with their hands.
Dolce & Gabbana landed on the platform at the end of January 2020. The new generations tell the craftsmanship of the Made in Italy brand with the hashtag #DGFattoAMano with short music videos where they wear the tailored garments of the maison. It was the first band to invite tiktoker influencers to their fashion shows.
The Jacquemus brand has 88 thousand followers. What do you share? They range from videos of the legendary mini Chiquitoes that sing Someone Like You by Adele to clips that reproduce the behind the scenes of the brand’s fashion shows and advertising campaigns.

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