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Professionals able to create concepts built ad hoc on the wishes of their customers, experts in bon ton and etiquette, real dream architects and refined creative designers, wedding planners are the key element for the excellent success of a wedding, and figures capable of relating to suppliers and keeping perfectly under control the timing of such a busy and tiring day, allowing the newlyweds to enjoy every moment in complete relaxation.

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Antonella Marchesi wedding planner

Expert in gourmet cuisine and combinations with fine labels, Cake & Food Designer Antonella Marchese collaborates with starred chefs and realizes events for well-known Maison de Couture: Pinko, H & M, Kristina Ti, Liu Jo, and many others. Her weddings are characterized by a precious “tailored” cut built and designed on the couple, with all the elegance of Italian style, making use of the collaboration of an exceptional staff, such as the talented Olivia La Pegna, with a background in the theater, always attentive to the scenographic aspect, able to devise original and precious creative solutions. The musts of Antonella Marchese are the refinement of the table that enchants the eye even before the taste, a unique sensitivity in knowing how to interpret the spouses’ tastes and desires, strong problem-solving skills, and always maintaining availability and smile. Among its strengths is the ability to relate to and supervise the work of suppliers, to ensure the perfect success of the event. In her past, a long tradition as a catering owner, every event she curates is a gastronomic experience out of the ordinary. The locations she proposes are original and unusual, real niche places, such as in Rome La Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi, Villa Medici, and in Tuscany Rosewood Castiglion del Bosco, a former Ferragamo residence and enchanting, charming place. Also among his contacts are internationally renowned artists such as Elan Artist and saxophonist Yarden, elected by Forbes among the most influential sax women worldwide. To ensure maximum results, its customers are always carefully selected. For Antonella Marchese, every wedding is a story to tell by finding that “fil rouge” that will make it unique and personalized. 


“Clean, essential, and free, as if we started from a blank sheet of paper to write your dream of love”. This is the spirit of Eva Presutti, who, from the first moment, manages to involve, excite, and amaze her customers with a WOW effect, guiding them in the organization of an event in which creativity and passion will be the distinctive feature. Great attention to the scenographic effect, always perfectly calibrated on the spouses and their tastes; Eva Presutti has a natural talent in building the concept for the ceremony, conceiving and planning every detail, from flowers to table decorations, to the color palette, to the mood to get to the choice of lights, to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere. 


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