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The Orbital Assembly Corporation has announced plans to begin construction of the first hotel in space by 2025. If things go according to plan, Voyager Station, located in the lower orbit of the Earth, is expected to open flying in 2027.

The renderings presented by the agency show us a futuristic environment. Individual capsules (chambers) are attached to a wheel similar to that of a funfair. Inside, guests can relax with the many activities available, from cinema to spa, and a gym and themed restaurants. The structure will accommodate about 400 people, while a part will be occupied by the crew and the systems for the distribution of water and air. The station will be positioned in low earth orbit, between 300 and 1000 km of altitude, designed to produce varying levels of artificial gravity (by increasing or decreasing the rotation speed) and thus ensure guests can stay with their feet on the ground and not have to give up any comfort.


The living spaces of the Voyager Station will be large and designed for demanding travelers. They will be positioned in 24 modules between the two rings of the “wheel”. We would have luxury villas that can be rented for a week, a month, or can be bought. Then there will be villas of 500 square meters with three bedrooms, a kitchen, and 16 beds. There will be suites of 30 square meters with a private bathroom for those traveling alone or as a couple.

The cost of a stay? OAC does not disclose it, and for now, it merely says “that they are not as exorbitant as one might expect”. It doesn’t even reveal how we might achieve it. Meanwhile, on the website, it is possible to reserve a seat or invest in the hotel. The company, on the other hand, announced it for this reason: it is looking for lenders. Will he find them? It is one of the unknowns. On the other hand, it is not the first project of its kind. The first luxury hotel in space, it was supposed to be Orion Span, but of which now nothing is known …

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