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“2019: Scarves are out, clips are in.”.

With these simple words, model Rozalia Russian blessed on Instagram one of the coolest trends right now. The hair clip beauty trend, consisting of accessories that can be used to tie your hair on the sides, giving you a sophisticated (but also a bit childish and funny) look. Another heritage from the 90’s?(LINK trend anni 90). Maybe.
What we know for sure is that models and influencers all over the world are giving new life to this forgotten item, which, suddenly, has reappeared on catwalks too. Versace was the first brand to have clips in their fashion show, followed by other huge brands like Gucci, Chanel, Dior and Simone Rocha. At the moment, hair clip are doubtlessly a must-have accessory.
They’re perfect in any shape and color. With a logo, in plastic, resin or acetate, with some pop and flashy elements or in turtle version for an antique looking and lady-like style. They are usually worn very close to the hairline: wear just one clip on your best side, or a couple, one on each side.

The best aspect of this trend is that it can be pulled off on any occasion and matched with any colour. If your hair is pretty thin, choose some tiny and light accessory, which won’t stand out too much and won’t risk falling.
Finally, the hair clip trend is charming and useful at the same time: women are often forced to tie their hair in order to prevent them from slipping on their face. Here is a much cooler solution to that problem.
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