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Squid Game, the series that broke all previous records of popularity and success, will have a second season. The official confirmation has not yet arrived, but there have been many rumors in the last few hours.

And the most important is that Netflix has not included it in the Limited Series regarding the categories foreseen for the Emmys.

As confirmed directly by the Netflix top management, the Company refused to include Squid Game in the Limited Series category, dedicated to the series of shorter duration and whose narration is concluded, such as Maid, who is, in fact, among these in the category dedicated to the Emmys.



At the awards in question, Squid Game will still be present but within the Drama Series category.

Furthermore, the same creator of the series, Huang Dong-hyuk, pointed out that “there are other stories in the series that have not been spelled out”, probably referring to these as eventual subjects of a sequel to Squid Game. “For example, the story of the cop and that of his brother, the Front Man. So if I ever find myself doing a Season 2, I’d like to explore those other stories.”

Squid Game Season 2 is expected to be the most anticipated event of 2022.

And recently, other rumors had given the release of the video game as soon as possible.

“We have received – he said – an overwhelming volume of requests to expand the Squid Game brand. My team’s role is to look into all these opportunities to create a concrete roadmap. We are looking into several areas, from video games to consumer products and more, to understand what we can bring to our audiences and increase their loyalty to the series while remaining faithful to the world our Creator has built”. This was recently announced by Minyoung Kim, vice president of content for Netflix’s Asian-Pacific division


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