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New decade, new philosophy of living, the Green one. Research by the social network Pinteres shows that millennials and generation Z are increasingly interested in adopting responsible behavior, including when it comes to shopping, and nine out of ten teenagers believe that companies must be involved in social and environmental issues. So the fashion houses began to use ecological fabrics derived from scraps or why not to rent clothes for a few days like the fast fashion H&M fashion house (article here). And the latter has also signed a sustainable collection with singer Billie Eilish, already online, with fluorescent colors and a look that mixes sport, grunge and goth elements. Green light for sweatshirts, hoods, printed t-shirts and caps, made in organic cotton.
Moncler has created the Treport model: an outerwear made with fabrics and components of vegetable origin, where the entire production cycle reaches a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions. On the other hand, the animal padding still remains. It could use recycled feathers and alternative serial for the padding as the brands 100% eco-friendly Patagonia and Save The Duck have been doing for some time. Pangaia is a new brand with a green ethics that after 10 years of research has come to create winter parkas by replacing plastic and the resulting interior animals with wild flowers. Plants which in turn have been cultivated for habitat restoration projects and which protect butterflies on plantations. Online shopping platforms such as Luisa via Roma and Zalando have in turn opened a section of sustainable clothing and accessories on their website.
The latest news comes from the publishing world. The fashion magazine, Vogue Italia, has decided to launch a strong and clear message in the new decade: to reduce the environmental impact of the production of a fashion magazine. The Italian January issue has the covers and services illustrated by seven famous artists.
No photos, except a single editorial shot by two 17-year-old photographers, chosen by the director Emanuele Farneti because “they are the eyes of tomorrow lent to our present“.
A movement, a philosophy and a total green way of life since the protection of our planet is important. We have to do something TODAY to still have a TOMORROW!

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