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Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to have customized shopping: the impression I get is that boutiques offer serial products sold by serial staff. All of that, eventually, makes us feel like “serial” women. This is why always more women prefer concept stores instead of single-brand stores, boutiques that look more like a living room than a shop, where next to seasonal trends, it’s possible to find original and various ideas, often selected by passionate people, who prove, other than a great vision of fashion, a deep understanding of their clients’ needs and desire. When we talk about concept stores, there’s a name you absolutely can’t help but mention: Milaura. All the trendiest girls and women in Milan have stepped by this super notorious shape at least once in their life. The store is in Corso Garibaldi 35, in the heart of Brera, and by now has become one of the main spots for “off” shopping; it offers more than a hundred exclusive brands, both famous and more exclusive ones, selected by Laura Poretti in person. She is Milaura’s owner, queen of the outfit with an insight and energy that make her five steps ahead of anybody else.

Here, you can find anything: coats and sartorial dresses, handmade purses, jewels, glamorous accessories, super cool-fitting jeans, with a special attention for limited editions and emerging brands. Recently we have had the honor to host Milaura in Rome, sadly just for three days, from the 28th to the 30th of November: the pop up was attended by all of the Roman clients, excited that, for once, they didn’t have to cross the whole country to find out Milaura’s new outfits. Laura Poretti really does have that something more, and I’m not just talking about wonderful brands and outfits; she has a personal and not stereotypical vision of fashion, and she’s deeply sensitive: she gets what you want and what mostly represents you with just one look. For example, if I manage to look perfect during the next Milan Fashion Week, it will all be thanks to Milaura, that revealed to me all the secrets of a perfect Milan look. We have also heard that they are considering an important project of expansion: you can imagine how anxiously I’m looking forward to it. Until then, I’ll have to go to Milan.

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