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Many of the fashion controversies began in the hustle and bustle general, and in the end, they resolve into nothing. But the one that has involved the Guess in the course of the weekend ended immediately. About four days ago, various media reported the G-Logo Tote’s extraordinary similarity at Guess, with the famous tote bag by Telfar. The first was, of course, Diet Prada. The stock exchange of Guess and has been accused of having replicated every detail of the Telfar. Including the shape of the logo and the stitching. The controversy has erupted around 26 March, and already the next day, Guess has released a statement that warned of a retreat from the markets of the bag.
On social media, the tote bag has been compared to the bags of Telfar. Signal Brands [the licensee of Guess, ndr] do not want to create impediments to the success of the Telfar Global and has decided to stop the sale of the G-Logo Totes.”
The root of the problem was culture. How many mass brands, also Guess, offering their own interpretations of luxury handbags. Offers similar design at greatly reduced prices. A common practice in the market. But to propose a replica of an iconic bag like Telfar, at prices that are almost the same and behind it, the mass’s productive power is another matter. Telfar Clemens is a designer fighting for the inclusiveness and democracy of fashion and its philosophy. The popularity of his shopping bag is the symbol and the reward of his efforts over the years, and you can reproduce it without altering the cultural weight. 


The extraordinary success of Telfar Clemens is, in fact, due to his community and to the ethos of the brand. An ethos egalitarian who wants to actively everyone can buy a bag. Replicate for the mass market bag so famous (but also accessible) is a lack of respect toward one of the few designers Black Queer that can impose its vision on fashion today. The same Telfar Clemens has never said to be reluctant in front of collaborations, even with mass brands like the Gap. Therefore, it would perhaps have made more sense to enter into a partnership with him that “make” his design. 
Recently on social, and it’s spreading a phrase undoubtedly ironic, but that describes pretty well the thing: GUESS THE BAG. By comparing the catalog of the Marciano brothers’ brand with that of other Maison, you can see how the shapes, colors, and textures will resume, much too faithfully those of different brands. Ranging from the re-edition Prada, the Pouch from Bottega Veneta, up to the Miu Miu, Chanel, and the Book Tote by Dior.
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