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After the previous stops in Milan and Turin, the Swatch Big Bold party finally arrives in Rome to present its latest watches’ line. The 2nd of july, in Via Del Corso, the Swatch store hosted the event, in which a dj set and a writer for gadjets costumization were present, all in a perfect “big bold” style.

At this event showed up numerous micro-celebrities from the web and social media world, as the influencer Maria Vittoria Cususmano. Despite the roman summer hot weather, they all took part into showing the success of the recent stylistic and communicative direction undertaken by Swatch. Unsurprisingly, also this brand chose to collaborate with an emerging editorial reality, as the one fo the NSS magazine, in order to launch its new collection in the main italian cities.

The Swiss’s watchmaker company, that has always called on a young target, well absorbed codes and trends of new generations and Swatch Big Bold is a prove of it.

Among the types of watch made for this collections, there are six limited edition models made in collaboration with the japanese brand Bape, presented some week ago in Tokyo and they already became a must have with the unmistakable camouflage style.

The name“big bold” (#swatchbigbold on social media) is not only reffered to the structure of these watches, characterized by a striking Ø47mm watchcase, one of the biggest in its range, but represents also an attitude, a state of mind, symbolizing the idea of being brave in free expression and in being bold and creative.

This new Swatch collection, clearly inspired by urban and streetwear world, is made for poeple that are not scared to dare, to distinguish themselves, to be proud of their own diversity and to be noticed:

“Inspired by bold ideas, designed for even bolder personalities”.

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