Maria Vittoria Cusumano brinda nella boutique di Scapa


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Among Roman unforgettable events, one of the last ones to take place was Scapa‘s Christmas Party, that turned out to be the perfect refuge during this frenetic days of Christmas purchases.

The boutique has been where it is now, just a few steps away from Piazza di Spagna, even since 1989. In one of the most elegant and quiet streets of the Campo Marzio, there is a tiny wonderful corner of Scotland, a shop that seems suspended in time, welcoming like a living room and lively like a lab. Here, between drinks and finger food, between harris-tweed and cachemire, all the guests had the chance to deeply experience the brand’s unique mixture of precious fabrics and natural colour (those of the wood, the sea and of the Northern cliffs),a mélange of tradition and innovation, which has always been Scapa‘s most relevant trait.

You absolutely need to properly get to know this brand and its super elegant and charming owner: you need to because places like this are becoming rare, and for many other reasons: because it is perfect for those who want a modern, classy and essential look; because its fabrics and its high quality will enlighten your face like a necklace of pearls; because its redingote is an iconic piece, ductile and incredible refined, perfect both on denim and on a nightly outfit; because there’s nothing sweeter than letting Scapa‘s girls help you and nothing better than lightly touching soft shetland and velvet; thus getting inspired by their strong and poetic lines that avoid impersonal trends and can instead make you a glamorous woman with just one touch.

This is the British style, one of the most important versions of casual chic, a style that reminds us of biscuits, butter and punk music, trenches of military inspiration and romantic lace.

In order to enter this world, all you need is a pullover of the right size, a nice silk shirt, some shiny velvet, some tweed that could make even the Dunmore countess envious. It’s all right there, in that beautiful living room in the centre of Rome. Let Scapa think about it, its clothes will choose you.

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