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Let’s face it, Netflix is ​​nice and useful these days, but I think many of us have finished the TV series that they had to watch and no longer know how to commit the spare time of the quarantine. A quick and sure solution that will take you time (or rather I would say VERY LONG) is definitely the Puzzle.
We are not the only ones to say it. More and more celebrities on their social profiles, show how they enjoy making these beautiful puzzles, not only an alternative way of spending time with their parter, but certainly a nice find to kill time and decorate home.If you are still not convinced, we have selected some 5000 pieces puzzles, works for real “tough guys”, lovers of challenges. Jigsaws with 10,000 pieces and more, on the other hand, are puzzles suitable only for the finest and most patient minds!
1.Clementoni – Venice: Not exactly 5000 pieces, but 6000. This is because Clementoni prefers this number of pieces for its extra large format. This glimpse of one of the streets of Venice.2.Ravensburger – James Rizzi (NY Skyline): The puzzle is a representation of a painting by James Rizzi, on his idea of ​​the New York skyline. James Rizzi was an artist born and raised in New York, of Italian origins, who became internationally famous for his large prints of urban landscapes teeming with figures, symbols, objects and people drawn in a cheerful, colorful and often detailed detail and delusional.3.Ravensburger – Antico Mappamondo: What Ravensburger calls “Antico Mappamondo” is one of the most beautiful ancient map representations in the world. This wonderful puzzle faithfully reproduces the Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica Ac Hydrographica Tabula, created in 1663 by Henricus Hondius.4.Printsworks Market “Dawn” Puzzle: A 500 piece puzzle (allowed for real experts). It is not so much the number as the image represents determined by a single color.5.Clementoni – New York: The panorama of the New York skyline is a recurring theme among puzzles of any size, and the XXL format with its foreground on the Brooklyn Bridge is no exception. Modern, technological and “alive”, this panorama is one of the absolute favorites.

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