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Room for creativity, way for the Instagram Filters! The social world has already chosen them as a new and whimsical form of communication, to transform their contents and make them more and more captivating and imaginative. It’s not a causality that thousands of celebrities, bloggers, influencers and world famous fashion brands have decided to create personalized Instagram Filters to apply to their Instagram Stories! Fashion, therefore, leads the way once again, proposing cutting-edge communication strategies, which demonstrate how this business and the digital world are a winning combination, and how users, if involved with the right strategies, respond positively to the incentives of brands. 

What are filters for Instagram for? Does using them affect only the aesthetic side of communication?

Absolutely not, an Instagram filter isn’t just for making brand content recognizable. Having a custom Instagram filter also allows you to quickly increase the followers of an Instagram profile; if users are interested in your filter (and will want to use it), they will have to visit the profile of who created it.

A profile is promoted every time someone on Instagram uses your branded filter. In the story of users, the name of the effect will appear followed by the link to the profile of its creator. Your tag will be visible to the followers of users who will use your filter. And here it will grow your brand awareness and the reach of your profile.

Instasamy: the ideal solution for your custom Instagram Filters.

Among those currently on the market, we would like to recommend, a Digital Agency in Milan specialized in Social Media such as Instagram, Tik-Tok, Youtube and in 360 ° digital services for the fashion world, which boasts collaborations with the main fashion brand, developing communication projects for the launch of new collections, fashion shows, events and much more.

Among the most important brands for which they have created Instagram filters are MaxMara, Vivetta, Ulyana Sergeenko and Ermanno Scervino, but there have also been collaborations with influential people such as singer Petite Meller, Leaf Greener the most famous Chinese Fashion Editor and sports champions such as Nicole della Monica champion of figure skating on ice in pairs and Pietro Garavelli champion of Italian Downhill.

You can take a look at the filters created for these well-known brands and influencers on the Instagram profile @Instasamy_ or on They can create filters of all kinds: beauty, facial filters, filters with animals, 2d and 3d filters with all kinds of effects and colors.

In short, everyone likes Instagram Filters since they represent an innovative idea to give your stories a fresh look and in step with the times!

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